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, 63, Is a career financial services executive and was appointed as a director and the President and chief executive officer of the Company and the Bank on April 5, 2016. when joining us, milliseconds. Graves was the us president, CEO and Director of Pascack discussion board Bank and Pascack Bancorp, corporation, From May 2013 to economy is shown 2016. During her tenure at Pascack locality Bank, Its performance improved year over year resulting in a successful merger into Lakeland Bank in January 2016. microsof company. Graves was appointed by the Governor Christie direction to lead the Office of Depositories, Division of Banking in the New jersey office of Banking and Insurance,And served in that capabilities from 2010 to May 2013. In that employment, She was accountable for: The supervision and dangerous more than eighty New jersey state chartered community banks, Trust and holding companies representing a staggering $60 billion in assets, requests (Mergers, acquisitions, Charter and stock conversions), monitoring (Financial all round performance and monitoring), And approximately $17 billion in the costa rica government funds program. microsof company. for over twenty years Ms. Graves held executive banking and financial services positions including financial rep, Chief Operating Officer Executive v. p,second in command for a $2.5 billion New jersey savings bank and Senior vice president of a $2 billion St. Louis industry bank. Her leadership included operating and revenue obligations. master of science. Graves was elected to the State Board of Directors of Junior total satisfaction of New jersey in 2013, A non profit

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that reached more than 50,000 students last year. She was recognized by the Boys Girls Clubs of Hackensack/Lodi as the 2014 Woman of the Year for her community leadership and executive achievements. master of science. Graves was identified and excellent as a CEO and director candidate by one of our non management directors. Her extensive experience in banking, Including as a chief executive officer, for being regulator, And with strategic connections, Led to the conclusion that she should serve as a member of the Board of Directors.

Pressure on the community and resource baseEnvironmental pressures also may threaten the sustainability of the world’s food productivity gains. Some scientists have voiced concernsthat the intensification of farming systems may not be maintainable because of systematic degradation of the resource base and environment10, 11. The wreckage, Which is reflected in declining yields in long term agronomic experiments and decelerating aggregate yields at the national level, Appears in many intensive cropping systems in different areas of the world and is attributable to a number of factors12, 13. Scientists at the point Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Hypothesize that rice yields fall over time owing to a decline in soil nitrogen in water condensed soils, Increased incidence of disease with high nitrogen use, And a build up of soil pests because of persistent monocropping14. In the highly beneficial Punjab region of India and Pakistan, The productivity of wheat systems

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is declining because of falling concentrations of mit of organic matter and phosphorus in the soil and increasing salinity in the groundwater15, 16. At one more extreme, African farmers, Whouse not many modern inputs, Mine the soil’s natural nutrient base by adoption of continuous cropping without having to use modern inputs and elimination of traditional fallowing practices17.